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The Speaking Up Podcast

Jan 24, 2023

You’ve probably heard the term multitasking, and I bet you even consider it a strength of yours, am I right? But what about monotasking? 

It’s not as common, but monotasking has a lot of benefits to it, and there are certainly times when you need to monotask, such as during a client meeting. Nobody wants to be on a...

Jan 17, 2023

There are so many benefits to creating a vision board for yourself. I recently tried making a virtual vision board, which was even better – you can view it whenever you want, update it on the go and keep yourself motivated towards your goals.

There really are no rules with virtual vision boards. You can include photos...

Jan 10, 2023

For many, the new year can trigger a lot of change from small resolutions to huge life decisions such as buying a house or changing careers.

Are you getting the new year itch to shake up your career? You might be unhappy in your current job and know it’s time for a change, so channel your newfound resolve and do...

Jan 3, 2023

It is widely known that many of us will fail to see through on our new year’s resolutions. I prefer to call them life upgrades. Whether you’re setting goals around lifestyle, career, relationships or all of the above, one of the common traps that cause them to fizzle out is they’re too big or too broad. 


Dec 27, 2022

How many of you struggle to keep your New Year’s Resolutions? Well, you’re not alone. 

I think one of the reasons we all struggle to keep our resolutions is because we make them too broad, or too ambitious. 

If you have made your goals for 2023, you need to ensure they are attainable by sketching out a...